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Are Tenerife homes beyond the reach of Gordon Brown?

Are Tenerife homes beyond the reach of Gordon Brown?

Tony Blair did a pretty good job for Tenerife property investment. If you asked people why they moved here, many used to drop his name into the list of reasons with a barely concealed contempt. Now it seems Gordon Brown may be doing his bit by upsetting the property applecart in the UK with his brain child, HIPS.

For those lucky enough not to have heard of it, HIPS stands for Home Improvement Packs, and as from August 1 they became a required item for anyone in England and Wales selling their house. Don't curse Scotland and Ireland for getting let off, they will be brought in to the scheme very soon.

So what's the fuss all about? Well a lot of it is about waving your green credentials in the air, the government knows a vote winner when their spin doctors spot one. In theory HIPS will help us all to save the planet as sellers will have to include details of the properties environmental performance record in terms of heating, insulation and power use. The official word is it will "cut nearly a million tonnes of carbon a year and lower family fuel bills by hundreds of pounds". Sounds good but that's in the UK, thankfully life is a bit simpler out here with Tenerife property, flicking lighting and heating switches on is not such a desperate concern to get you through even some summer days, let alone winter.

The trouble is the not so smiley Mr Brown has brought the new packs in despite the fact that all the experts in the property field are dead against it. It's quite difficult to find anyone who thinks it's a good idea, apart from the Association of Home Information Pack Providers, well they would wouldn't they. They reckon that the 2,000 inspectors needed to make the scheme work are all trained up and raring to produce energy performance certificates. Others are not totally convinced.

Of course it is a free service,isn't it? You must be kidding, it's going to set people back between ?400 and ?700 and add more paperwork to the system, think of all those poor trees giving their lives to make it happen.

In the great tradition of carrot and stick, there are fines for those who don't get their nice little packs in order, of up to ?200 per day and estate agents have been threatened with closure if they don't join in with the game.

It all sounds too much like hard work, after all that you would need a holiday, so you might as well just move to Tenerife anyway. If Gordon can't win friends at home with it, he has no chance of ever influencing people abroad with the idea. Best we just sit back and watch the fun from here.

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